View of the tram bridge from the side

View of the tram bridge from the side

This bridge is pretty big, and to think it was built just to accommodate one place.


View of the tram bridge from below

View of the tram bridge from below

Looks really beautiful, reminds me of an aqueduct.

Madonna del Sasso

Monastery on a cliff, really cool, overlooks entire city and mountains. They even have their own private tennis court! There are two ways up, a lazy mans tram or walking a million stairs.

Big round about with beautiful architectuture

Big round about with beautiful architectuture

There is a nice fountain in the middle of this roundabout and all around it are beautiful low rise buildings.

LIzard bathing in the sun

LIzard bathing in the sun

Caught this little guy sitting on a rock warming up, surprisingly it was just along a sidewalk and it wasn’t spooked yet.

View from Locarno, Switzerland.

View from Locarno, Switzerland.

One can get used to having this as a daily view.

Yacht club

Yacht club

A private yacht club located on the shore of Locarno, Switzerland. WIth beautiful views all around the lake it must be a pleasure to sail on.